Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Inchies

I decided to put the images in a new post as there turned to be a lot of them.  Enjoy!

cis1 cis2 cis3 cis4  cis6
cis7  cis10  cis11  cis13
cis15 cis16  cis17 cis18
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November Meetings

This month I started our practical evenings off with a demo and hands session on making and using print blocks.  This was a popular session and ran well over 9pm. (which is good).

Our second meeting in this month was on Christmas Inchies.
Another very popular session.  The photos below are of ‘work in progress and were to be the theme for our annual competition at our Christmas party in December.


  prt9           prt12

prt7prt6prt5       prt4
prt10        prt3
prt2  prt1

October Talk

The speaker this month was Anne Robinson who came tell us all about the restoration of a  Medieval Chasuble which can be seen at St John the Evangelist Church, Poulton-le-Fylde. Very much on own patch as it were.
Anne showed a series of PowerPoint slides demonstrating the areas in need of restoration and how they looked once they had been restored.  She also told us about the history of the Chasuble and how it came to be in the hands of St John’s church which was really interesting.

She also brought a lot of photographs to show us.  I have since been to the church to view the Chasuble. It is in a glass cabinet and I felt really pleased to be able to view it in such close detail and to be aware of what an interesting piece of history was so close to where we are based. You can read all about it on this link. The information about the chasuble is quite a way down the page.  The Chasuble

October - Practical Night

This month we began with our practical evening when Kathryn show everyone how to make thread bins. This was a very enjoyable evening.
Kathryn very kindly sourced the 4” wooden hoops and supplied the fabrics required.  The finished bins were evident and in good use at our next practical night.

tb1   tb2
tb3   tb4

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I was the speaker at our September meeting with my sketchbooks.
This was a PowerPoint presentation but I brought a large collection of sketchbooks for everyone to peruse through after the talk.  They certainly generated a lot of interest.  So much so that I said that I would do a mini workshop at our November practical evening on printing and creating print blocks.

My earliest example of artwork that I still have is from 1965 when I was 16. It is a Christmas Card design and was for a national competition for Christian Aid and I got second place and received a book written by one of the judges. The book has long since bitten the dust but I still have the card.


Picture3           Picture2
Picture9    Picture18
Picture20     Once I started City and Guilds it became much more abstract and much more fun!!
Picture27    Picture28
Picture61   Picture71
Picture93 Picture98Picture99-112  Picture99-117
As a member of Preston Threads my more recent sketchbook work is related to our current theme. Most recently it was on colour and my colour was yellow.

skbk5    skbk6    skbk4