Saturday, March 28, 2009

Viking Warriors and Weavers

Most recently we had a very interesting visit and talk from Ian Uzzell who made a grand entrance dressed as a Viking warrior!

He talked about the significance of the clothing that he was wearing and those that would have been worn by his wife in Viking times (as seen on the model below) and of the artifacts that he had brought to show us.

Ian, complete with chain-mail.
That was really heavy - goodness knows how they ever moved about wearing that! All of his clothing was made in true style - right down to his shoes!

The linen cloth for this embroidery has been woven by Ian.

Spindles for spinning yarn and a Viking 'kniddy knoddy' for winding the yarn ready for washing.


Quite recently Marge Quinn (one of our members) gave us a talk on Tassels. Marge have been making tassels for many years and has an awe-inspiring collection. She demonstrated how to make simple tassels and cords.

The images on show speak for themselves.

Rosettes, Corkscrews and Wiggle-Woggles

On two of our practical evenings Joyce Pemberton (one of our members) very kindly showed us how to make knitted rosettes, corkscrews and wiggle-woggles.

We all had great fun using up some of our leftover yarns. (you know - those small bits that you accumulate over the years from lots of knitting and stitching projects - which you can't quite bring yourself to throw away)! Now you know what to do with them.

May be I can persuade Joyce to write some notes on how to do them - watch this space!