Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Workshop on Darning Stitch

At the beginning of September we had a workshop with Patricia Barrett on Darning Stitch. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. Pat was extremely generous with her time, her expertise and materials. So far I only have one photograph of a finished piece and that is mine so I won’t show it just yet.

I am starting with some of the lovely pieces that Pat has created and then show you some work in progress by the members who attended the workshop.

Pat’s work
pat1   pat5
pat2       pb3
pat7       pat8
Pat also gives a very good talk entitled ‘From Aden to Zanzibar’
I think that might give a clue as to where some of her inspiration comes from.

Members’ ‘Work in Progress’
       pb-wkshp3                  pb-wkshp4
   pb-wkshp8      pb-wkshp9
  pb-wkshp10         pb-wkshp11
   pb-wkshp12      pb-wkshp13