Programme 2017 - 18

Saturday workshops run from 10am to 4pm
Monday evening meetings commence at 7.15pm

Monday 13 November  Stitch night - Inspired by the archives 
                                      Introduction to Doll Making 
                                      Hand spinning

Saturday 18 November   Workshop with Helen Draper-Murphy
                          "Recycle and Upcycle your life"

Monday 27 November     Victoria Riley - The art of Batik

Monday 11 December     Christmas event + Doll Making 2

Monday 8 January Stitch Night - Edna Winstanley - Artist Trading Cards 
                                                                       (working small)

Monday 29 January Stitch Night - working small or own project
                                         + Doll Making 3

Monday 12 February    Speaker Lizzie Wall - "Chickens and other layers"

Saturday 17 February   Ann Christy - Embellished Casket

Monday 26 February    Start a new Collaborative Project
                                           Theme to be decided

Monday 12 March    Judith Rigg  Introduction to Sashiko

Saturday 17 March  Workshop   Kathryn Thompson  Build a Bag

Monday 26 March Stitch Night  - Try  Sashiko