Friday, November 13, 2015

Rainbow colours

Julia Allison brought a rainbow of colour to our first November meeting.  Much of Julia's work has been working in collaboration with church schools to produce a variety of banners and cloths for use in school assemblies. Working with paintings produced by the children, workshops with lots of cutting and stitching produce the end result and as children tend to chose a palette of rainbow colours, these are prevalent in her work.

Julia has also exhibited her own work in several local galleries and also has a life long interest in quilts. Her current project is to make a quilt showcasing many of her favourite fabrics and using lots of vintage embroidered items.

Sunburst motifs often feature in Julia's work

Merging old and new to create a quilt with lots of hand embroidery

Floral collage using scrap fabrics and felt

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thank You

Our Tactile Textiles have now been distributed to various NHS groups and we have received a letter of thanks

Apologies for the poor image

It is so good to know that these are now being used and have been so well received
Thank you and well done to all our members who contributed to this project