Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspirations from the Spirals at New Grange

On Monday night we enjoyed a very interesting talk from Anne Rogers.  Anne told us about how a line drawing, that looked like stitched spirals, on the front over of a book of notes about the poems of Seamus Heaney led her to develop a series of sketches on spirals. During a trip to Ireland she came across a book about Brú na Bóinne, the World heritage site, at New Grange, where the Megalithic Passage Tomb can be seen.  This book had the same spirals on it as on the front of the book of notes on the poems.

Anne’s interest in seeing the real spirals took her on journey to the site where she was able to see them first hand, to draw them and photograph them. On her journey back from the trip she hardly lifted her head from her spiral drawings.

This inspiration led to a sketchbook packed with drawings, paintings and sampled methods of creating spirals. It also led to a huge body of work. Most of the work was sold at exhibition but we were lucky enough to be able to see the few remaining pieces.  They are, I am sure you will agree, really lovely pieces of work.

Most of you will be familiar with Anne’s talks on the ‘Bags of of Shakespeare’s Heroines’ and ‘The Pilgrim Way’.  I can definitely recommend this talk too, you won’t be disappointed.  Anne uses imagery from the literature as her usual source of inspiration, as opposed to images in her surroundings. In this work she has combined both.

      anne-rogers1  anne-rogers5




Saturday, October 23, 2010

Branch –AGM- 2010

At our Branch AGM on October 11th the subject of our Trudi Goodenough Competition was ‘Button Brooches’.

We have a really good selection on display.


The winning entry, chosen by the members, was this one by Marion Miller who deservedly won a voucher to spend at the ‘Victorian Arts and Crafts’ shop in Poulton-le-Fylde.

Well done to Marion and a big thank you from me to all contributed with their lovely brooches.





Branch Programme 2010 - 2011

Oct 11th AGM & Trudie Goodenough Competition
Button Brooches

Oct 25th Talk ‘Inspirations from the Spirals at New Grange’
Anne Rogers

Nov 8th Postcards/Entries – Regional Day
Jointly with Lytham St Annes

Nov 29th Postcards/Entries – Regional Day
ditto above

Dec 4th Day School ‘Darning’
Patricia Barrett

Dec 13th Christmas Party

Jan 10th Committee meeting

Jan 31st Talk ‘Boxes - how to make them’
Marge Quinn

Feb 5th Saturday Workshop - Machine embroidered brooches
Ann Christy

Feb 14th Bring you own work/ Tryout Session

Feb 28th Talk ‘Working in Blackpool & Other Things’
Becky Waite

Mar 14th Bring you own work/ Tryout Session
Canvas Stitches

Mar 28th Talk ‘Using Photos as a Design Source’
Barbara Howell

Apr 2nd National AGM Dundee

Apr 2nd Saturday Workshop / Open Day

Apr 11th Bring you own work/ Tryout Session
Fabric Paper

Apr 16th Regional Day -King Edward Queen Mary School
Blackpool and Lytham St Annes Branches

Apr 25th Easter Monday

May 9th Talk ‘Making it Big’
Sue Lancaster

May 30th May Bank Holiday

Jun 11th Saturday Workshop - 3D Images
Linda Westerman

Jun 13th Bring you own work/ Tryout Session
Insertion Stitches

Jun 27th Talk ‘Persian Delights’
Hilary Nagashi

Jul 11th Strawberry Tea – Show and Tell
‘Look what I have made’ Bring & Buy Sale

Jul 16th -19th Regional Summer School Alston Hall

Jul 25th Talk ‘Inspiration for Embroidery’
Norma Hopkins

August No Meetings

Sept 12th Branch AGM

Sept 26th Talk ‘It just needs something….. ‘
Bring that nearly finished UFO and find the perfect
something from Prospects.
Sylvia Davis

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday Meeting – September 13th – Felt Flower Brooches

We start back on Monday after the summer break. To be precise some of us started back by attending an excellent workshop with Golden Hinde, last Saturday.

Sarah and Sue were very generous with their expertise and were also very entertaining. Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me and I am awaiting some images of the workshop from Sarah.  The workshop was very well attended.

On Monday evening we will be making felt flower brooches.  I hope that as many members as possible will be able to attend. It will be nice to see everyone again.

This should give you a taste of what we will be doing on Monday. You just need your basic sewing kits, maybe some beads and if you want to use metallic threads to embellish your brooch then please do bring some. I will provide everything else. (There will be a small charge for the brooch pack, felt, brooch pin, a button, a picture of the brooches and a page of templates).


Friday, June 4, 2010

May Meeting Speaker – Elizabeth Couzins-Scott

Elizabeth lives locally and is a member of the 62 Group. She told us how her work developed from her interest in the dark side of experimental fashion designs how and this allows her to interpret her ideas into articles of clothing and accessories using unusual materials.  Her interpretation of a ‘must have item’ are made from steel wool, barbed wire, tacks or nails. They are both unsettling and amusing.

She very kindly let us handle and closely inspect the work that she had brought to show us.  Currently Elizabeth is working at the Whitworth in Manchester and is also an Artist in Residence at the University of Central Lancashire.

She also brought along a lot of samples some of which are made purely from melted, painted and distressed plastics, mostly bin liners!

Elizabeth also has work on display in the V&A in London.

ec-scott1 ec-scott2

   ec-scott3      ec-scott4

     ec-scott6   ec-scott7

      ec-scott5   ec-scott8

Patricia Bennett – Textiles from Around the World

In April we had a really interesting and humorous talk from Patricia Bennett entitled’ Textiles from Around the World’ – from Aden to Zanzibar!

She has certainly visited a great many places and had lots to tell us about her experiences in the numerous places that she has lived and worked. She brought along a superb collection of items that were representative of the places she talked to us about and some of her own lovely pieces that she creates using the darning stitch technique. We are certainly hoping to be able to put her down for a workshop on our next programme and we can definitely recommend her as a speaker.

P1060575 P1060579

   P1060576     p-bennett5

   p-bennett7    p-bennett8 

  P1060582  p-bennett3

Pat’s own work – really lively, bright and colourful.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chinese Thread Books

We do have a meeting on Monday April 12th – it just managed to slip off the programme for 2010. Those of you who started your Chinese Thread Book with Marge at out last meeting will have a chance to work on it further – if you haven’t already finished it.

Anyone who missed the last meeting still has a chance to start one of these intriguing books with their secret compartments. Marge will have her samples and pieces of paper and I will bring another set of instructions for anyone who missed the start.

Here is mine so far ‘work in progress’. I created a design using some pencil crayons and then waxed over the paper with some acrylic wax. Some clear acrylic paint would work just as well. The crayons I used are  Derwent Inktense – they are water soluble so the lines and colours blend when moisture is added. I wanted to create this effect to give a look of and old piece.

I didn’t take any photographs at the last meeting so hopefully I can photograph more work in progress, finished books and Marge’s samples and put them in the next post.


I now need to make a cover for the pages and then hopefully it will be finished.  If you don’t want to start one of these then please do come anyway and take a look at the ones started last time. Kathryn will have all the latest news us fresh from the AGM in Nottingham. I think it was going to be a very interesting meeting!!! A lot of members want to have answers to a lot of quite serious issues.

If you can’t be there I will keep you up to date with an email.

We also need some help bundling the Journals ready for Regional day and Kathryn would appreciate some help putting leaflets in bags ready for Regional Day.  I hope to see you there.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Workshop

Our first workshop of 2010 was on Chinese Tassels with Marge Quinn. Marge was very generous with her time and her expertise and brought several displays of beautiful tassels.
Most of those present made two tassels and everyone came away with a very pleasing result. As one person present was heard to say - ‘I don’t normally go home from a workshop with 1 never mind 2 finished pieces of work’!!!

It was nice to have members from 3 other branches join in with us at the workshop.  (Preston, Lytham St Annes and North Lonsdale)

Thanks Marge – it was a great workshop.

chinese-tassels1 chinese-tassels4      

          chinese-tassels2            chinese-tassels3

      chinese-tassels6    chinese-tassels7    chinese-tassels8
                                           Didn’t we all do well!

January Meeting

The speaker for our January meeting was Julia Karling talking to us about her experiences as an art teacher not only in teaching a varied age range of children in art and design but also about her love of creating 3-dimensional pieces.

She used a computer to demonstrate how she get her students to develop their skills and techniques and then she talked about the pieces that she has brought to show us. Her enthusiasm for her work really shone through. She was involved in creating the costumes and props for a musical performance of the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at King Edward and Queen Mary School, Lytham St Annes.

Julia brought with her ‘Audrey’, the giant man-eating plant, that she had created, for us to look at. There were 3 versions of Audrey – demonstrating 3 stages of growth. The largest had two young people inside it when it was used in the play. The pieces were really impressive and Julia was most enjoyable and encouraging to listen.

Sadly I did not have my camera with me so I do not have any images of he lovely work.