Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Workshop

Our first workshop of 2010 was on Chinese Tassels with Marge Quinn. Marge was very generous with her time and her expertise and brought several displays of beautiful tassels.
Most of those present made two tassels and everyone came away with a very pleasing result. As one person present was heard to say - ‘I don’t normally go home from a workshop with 1 never mind 2 finished pieces of work’!!!

It was nice to have members from 3 other branches join in with us at the workshop.  (Preston, Lytham St Annes and North Lonsdale)

Thanks Marge – it was a great workshop.

chinese-tassels1 chinese-tassels4      

          chinese-tassels2            chinese-tassels3

      chinese-tassels6    chinese-tassels7    chinese-tassels8
                                           Didn’t we all do well!

January Meeting

The speaker for our January meeting was Julia Karling talking to us about her experiences as an art teacher not only in teaching a varied age range of children in art and design but also about her love of creating 3-dimensional pieces.

She used a computer to demonstrate how she get her students to develop their skills and techniques and then she talked about the pieces that she has brought to show us. Her enthusiasm for her work really shone through. She was involved in creating the costumes and props for a musical performance of the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at King Edward and Queen Mary School, Lytham St Annes.

Julia brought with her ‘Audrey’, the giant man-eating plant, that she had created, for us to look at. There were 3 versions of Audrey – demonstrating 3 stages of growth. The largest had two young people inside it when it was used in the play. The pieces were really impressive and Julia was most enjoyable and encouraging to listen.

Sadly I did not have my camera with me so I do not have any images of he lovely work.