Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chinese Thread Books

We do have a meeting on Monday April 12th – it just managed to slip off the programme for 2010. Those of you who started your Chinese Thread Book with Marge at out last meeting will have a chance to work on it further – if you haven’t already finished it.

Anyone who missed the last meeting still has a chance to start one of these intriguing books with their secret compartments. Marge will have her samples and pieces of paper and I will bring another set of instructions for anyone who missed the start.

Here is mine so far ‘work in progress’. I created a design using some pencil crayons and then waxed over the paper with some acrylic wax. Some clear acrylic paint would work just as well. The crayons I used are  Derwent Inktense – they are water soluble so the lines and colours blend when moisture is added. I wanted to create this effect to give a look of and old piece.

I didn’t take any photographs at the last meeting so hopefully I can photograph more work in progress, finished books and Marge’s samples and put them in the next post.


I now need to make a cover for the pages and then hopefully it will be finished.  If you don’t want to start one of these then please do come anyway and take a look at the ones started last time. Kathryn will have all the latest news us fresh from the AGM in Nottingham. I think it was going to be a very interesting meeting!!! A lot of members want to have answers to a lot of quite serious issues.

If you can’t be there I will keep you up to date with an email.

We also need some help bundling the Journals ready for Regional day and Kathryn would appreciate some help putting leaflets in bags ready for Regional Day.  I hope to see you there.