Monday, November 30, 2009

Trudi Goodenough Competion

The subject of our Trudi Goodenough competiton at out AGM this year was ‘Holiday Postcards’.

We began working on them at our September meetings.
     pc-1   pc-3
     pc-4  pc-5
   pc-2    pc-7
   pc-9   pc-10
    pc-11   pc-12
    pc-13  pc-14

International Day for Older People

I apologise for this being out of order with other posts but time got the better of me and I have had to just fit these in when I can.

The International Day for Older People was organised by Seonaid, one of our members and we were asked to submit and exhibit some of our work on October 1st at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, in the Horseshoe Bar.

We had a really good day and got to meet a lot of interesting people. We received a great many very compliments about or work and 1 new member to our branch on the strength of it!

            IntDayfor OlderPeople1 
            IntDayfor OlderPeople2
             IntDayfor OlderPeople3
                    IntDayfor OlderPeople4
        IntDayfor OlderPeople5 
           IntDayfor OlderPeople6
      IntDayfor OlderPeople8 
We had a great selection of work demonstrating a very varied range of embroidery techniques and we did ourselves proud.
When the exhibition finished the work was taken down and put up on display in the Art Society Studio for our Annual Studio Exhibition. Many thanks to all of those involved in setting and taking down for both exhibitions.