Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Meeting

For our first meeting in June we enjoyed a visit from Amy Senogles.  Amy taught at last year's Summer School so some members were already familiar with her work.

Amy's work is based on the premise that fashion should be sustainable and made to last rather than have the built-in obsolescence of much of today's high street fashion. She graduated from a BA in Embroidery at Manchester School of Art in 2008. She has used recycled textiles and embroidery to create a series of pattern shaped panels which show how they could be used in garment design. 


Amy also talked about her work with the Salford Museum Service and some of the exhibitions she has been involved with.

There was much food for thought following her talk and the display of work she brought for us to see. Many of us I am sure will now be thinking of trying to combine previously untried combinations of fabrics and to re-use some of our clothing in different ways when it is no longer required!

Needle Confusion?

I don't know about you, but I get awfully confused by which needle is the best to use for which project. This link may help you to unravel the confusion: