Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Better Photographs!

Following the launch of our pop-up museum, here are the professionally taken photographs, which give clearer images than my amateur efforts!
Look out for the pop up appearing at various venues in and around Blackpool in the coming months.

Photograph Claire Griffiths

Photograph Claire Griffiths

Photograph Matthew Wright

Photograph Matthew Wright

Photograph Matthew Wright

Photograph Claire Griffiths

Photograph Matthew Wright

Photograph Matthew Wright

Photograph Matthew Wright

This is the description of our pop up taken from Treasure Trove blog::  

‘Only in Blackpool’ by Blackpool Embroiderers’ Guild and Costumologists

Only in Blackpool explores the Blackpool Tower and it’s entertainment heritage from 1950 onwards. The museum’s main structure is the Tower itself, surrounded by a variety of visuals symbolising it’s history. This includes the roof top garden, the circus and the more controversial history including an escapologist who married his partner suspended 400 ft off the Tower in 1985. The pop up museum captures embroidery and textiles with it’s beautiful sewn panels depicting the circus created by Costumologists and it’s beautifully embroidered flags, made by the members of the Embroiderers’ Guild. The pop up museum interprets the entertainment heritage unique to Blackpool Tower and unique to Blackpool, aptly titled ‘Only in Blackpool’.

To read the full report and photo gallery please click the link:.

This project is supported and funded by:

blackpool council 1

Volunteer centre 1

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pop up Museum

Thursday saw the launch of the three pop up museums in the latest stage of Blackpool's Treasure Trove Project.  All three groups and their artists have worked very hard and the pop ups are very varied in style and content to reflect different aspects of Blackpool's entertainment history.
Hopefully during the coming months you will have the opportunity to see all or some of the displays when they are on tour around town.

Meanwhile here are a few photographs of our pop up to give you a flavour of our pop up


Depicting the various styles of Paul's make up

General view 

Elephants on the beach

Some of our bunting and the fabric backdrop

Glamorous costumes and lots of feathers!

Automata with dancers in the ballroom
Palm trees and greenery on top of the Tower reminding us that once there was a roof top garden
The happy couple representing marriages to have taken place at the top of the Tower
There is also a model of King Kong as he was once atop the Tower

Glove puppets of Charlie Cairoli and Paul for visitors to play with

All this actually flat packs to be transported easily to a variety of venues
If you know of anywhere that may welcome it as a display please let one of us know

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Treasure Trove Project Launch

The Blackpool Treasure Trove Pop-up Museum Project is now reaching it's conclusion, and the Grand Launch is on Thursday 23rd July.
Here are a couple of sneaky peek photos of what is to come

Photos courtesy of Blackpool's Treasure Trove

Look out for more information as to where and when the museums will be on display this Summer

Another new Project

Just as the Treasure Trove Project is drawing to its conclusion, we have been invited to collaborate on another community project. Left Coast are inviting contributors for the food and memory event at the Winter Gardens in October.
We have been invited to work with Harriett Riddell on creating a memory tablecloth for the event.
Harriett is a performance textile artist and specialises in machine stitched portraits of people done whilst she is out and about.  Her work is stunning and you can see more here:

We have had a couple of meetings now and Harriett produced a great portrait of Seonaid:
The work is intended to reflect food memories of our older residents and these will be worked into vintage linens. Harriett has been busy visiting care homes and interviewing residents whilst stitching portraits.

On Saturday we immersed ourselves in vintage linens and began to formulate our ideas

Many thanks to Sheena who seems to have a bottomless supply of beautiful tablecloths in her stash!

If you would like to keep updated on this project we have set up a new Facebook Group as a focus for our ideas and progress:

Strawberry Tea

A good time was had by everyone at our annual Strawberry Tea.  Lots of lovely goodies to eat as usual, and it was great to see Marge on the evening. We also welcomed Meg our Regional Rep. so it was good to catch up with Regional News too.
Our annual competitions were also judged and I have posted photographs of all the entries on our Pinterest Page:

The winner of the Marge Quinn Award was Gail Farnworth with her fabulous crewel work

Winner of the Chairman's Award (for the second year running) was Sue Bartlett with one of her fabulous books encased in a mesh of glorious threads

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fun with Fabric Bracelets and a catch up

Our stitch night was a chance to have some fun making some easy fabric bracelets, or just getting on with our own projects.

Very easy to make and can also be used as wrist pin cushions

Pick your own style - can be as plain or glamorous as you like!

Many of you may remember Katie Duxbury coming to speak to us a few months ago and bringing her gorgeous dresses to show us.
Gail was recently at an open air theatre production at Williamson Park and saw Katie who was involved in the production.
This prompted a visit to her blog which has some lovely new updates: