Sunday, June 21, 2009

Programme Update

Monday June 22nd - we have a speaker Caroline Jordan talking about 'The Harris Museum' .

On Monday July 13th we have a Strawberry Tea for branch members  and we will stitching the rainbow squares into their strips.

Monday July 20th is the Branch outing to the Ice Cream Parlour, at Kendal for a meal and a talk in the evening from Christine Johnson of Reticule, Kendal.

Do take a look at her website. If possible please try to visit her shop in the afternoon.

There are no meetings in August.

Our Saturday workshop in September has been cancelled and you will be informed at a later date if there is to be an alternative.

We start back on September 14th with a practical evening on 'Holiday Postcards'.

Rainbow Squares

We are reaching the stage when all of of rainbow squares have to be handed in so that they can be stitched together ready to be exhibited at GMEX in September.

This is just a selection of the finished one so far. We had no control over the choice of colour for our branch we each had to select a sealed envelope. It turns out to be quite a good choice for us as it happens to be the colour that Blackpool football team play in!

We hope to collect as many as possible in at our next meeting, tomorrow night, and plan to stitch them together at our Strawberry Tea - July branch meeting. Oh what fun!

I think they are really looking good - a big thank you to all of the members who have contributed to our branch effort.



There are still more to come - so there will be some more images later.

Marbling Fun

Recently we had a fun evening with one of our members, Val, demonstrating a range of marbling techniques for us all to try.

She had worked really hard setting everything up earlier and she had provided all the materials that we required. All we had to do was to get stuck in and have a go!


Marbling a wooden bead



Marbling polystyrene balls - they were fun!


Marbling on a piece of silk fabric.



This one got a bit messy but we managed a couple of pieces of paper and a piece of silk fabric!




Nice and bright and colourful!


Hanging out to dry!